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Treasure of the Riding Mountains

Good Vibes from Nature.

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Explore the abundant wildlife, the rich biodiversity and find the hidden treasures.

Local medicinal plants always played an important rule in the heritage culture of our region.

We believe that nature holds the best recipes for a long and good life.

That's what we work for. We grow ancient seeds and herbs, and formulate these carefully into our nourishing skin care products.

Come along with us and discover how you can benefit from this local treasure.


This nearly forgotten ancient oil seed is now growing on our farm in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve. Discover the benefits of this new superfood.

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Local MADE CaMelina Oil

Our cold pressed Organic Camelina Oil is now available in many stores in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Please contact us if you want more information.
Phone 204-796-0110 or mail@freefield.ca.  We are happy to help.
Your support is very appreciated. Thanks!

Camelina Skincare - A dash of love in everything ...


Our vision to be independent, free and in tune with nature inspired us to buy a small homestead in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve. Here we  grow herbs, fruits, berries and ancient oil seeds which we cold press into oil and use as base for our skin care products.


To make sure to reach the optimal extraction of herbal bioactive compounds all our flowers are hand-harvested while in full bloom, and are carefully shade-dried to retain their full colour & aroma. 


We are processing the herbs in the ways that best preserve the bioactive compounds. Selected herbs are cold infused into skin nurturing organic camelina oil. These infusions are used as base for all our formulations.


Inspiration, Experience, Centuries of Knowledge. 

We grow everything organically on our small farm in the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve.
Pure potent ingredients as from nature intended.

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Care, Love, Handmade ...

Ultimately what counts are the wonderful pure ingredients 
– together with the love and the smiles that we pass on to our products before they leave. 
Little selections of joy to brighten your day.

How much Nature can one bottle hold?

Unforgettable experiences are what really count in live.

Our Promise

Did you know that your skin absorbs  60 to 70 % of anything you put on your skin?

Our promise to you is that all of our ingredients are food grade and truly nurturing your body.
All ingredients are sustainably grown and certified organic.
They come with all the good vibes and spirit that the Riding Mountains have to offer you.

Honest. Pure. Natural.